Jacob's Ladder

by Rich People

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Justsayin1x Set a favorite track... Impossible!! Every track stands alone, genius. Vocals are thought provoking, hard and raw that travel though to my nerve endings. This music ensemble is fuckin fresh and innovative. Well done Rich People... Thanks for rockin hard!! Looking forward to hearing more!! Favorite track: Post Virgin.
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    An aural illustration of the feelings that ruin and separate me, the places those feelings have taken me, and finally some resolution. The album cover and casing represent the bags of heroin I used to hide behind and escape reality. I'm not some proud advocate for drug use, but rather a person who's lived on the opposing side of "normalcy" and lived to talk about it. I'm an advocate for awareness instead of sheltering, and I'm working on the issues that lead to the drugs by writing about them instead of acting on them.

    I accept that some might take it all for face value and call it a bunch of songs about shooting dope and being a true piece of shit, but I won't write happy songs for happy people to indulge in how happy they already are. I will continue to write fucking miserable songs, about how ugly we can be when we can't get out of our own way, for the people like myself who just need something to relate to.

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released November 6, 2015

Engineered/Produced/Mixed and Mastered by John Naclerio @ Nada Recording New Windsor, NY



all rights reserved


Rich People New Jersey

Nothing Original
Just Personal Arrangements Of Things Seen And Heard
With The Intention To Provoke Thought
Not People

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Track Name: Perfect Friends
If honesty were for sale
I'd be the kind of guy who spoke my mind
But I watched his reign trickle down through that split level trap in West Berlin
I've only come to please
You'll never have the wealth you'd need to climb walls like these
But you've found perfect friends
In those blue pills I sold back then

Trapped in my own head
Hope for sleep and dream I'm dead
Track Name: Post Virgin
I remember seventeen at Kite House
I was always the death of the party
I took pride in the length of my nights
And how no matter what we had they knew I'd still drive

Compare myself to saints and hang my head in shame
You read all those books for that strong brain
I sought heart as I compared us apart
And watched kite turn card

I keep trying
My best to disappear
At least when I shot heroin
I could be in my head
Anywhere but here

It's been such a long life
In such a short time
I've tried on all your gods
But I still can't find mine

We were old souls in young men
All for selves and none for friends
We are all souls
Dancing human
Lost between our wants and needs
Living high above our means
Then home alone without esteem

Now everyone's full grown
Now everyone's gone home
Now everyone's got work tomorrow
There's no more drugs and I'm alone

And I remember next morning nights
And all the shame and front lawn fights
And I remember sitting all alone
By Stella Maze on the porch of the house of kites
Track Name: Obscure
I kissed one of my best friends tonight
Its not like that, but I was impressed
To know that some day these girls grow up
And stop trying so hard to seem depressed

Fall out of tempo and tune
With a confused sub-culture so self consumed

Oh that band is just so obscure
For every "fan" they push away
I just love them that much more
I’ve got money but I won't pay the doors
I'll divide the room with attitude
And tell everyone that I'm pure

And boys wear that shade of blue so unwell
The yellow words you thought up instead of just being felt

And i knew that you’d all fall off
When fall semester starts
And you're far too young
To have so many sons

I've got so much to say
Because I've spent most of my life the same
(But I am just the same)
Track Name: Vacation
The grey seats between the black and the white
A view of those who've chose to see one side
What did you think those boys were all about
Too naive to see that it wasn't just your charm that made them let you come around
But don't be sad for me
I'm not the one who got let down

Fourth of July
Second vacation night
And we left alone
Besides the boys from home
That you packed up in your phone

The busses all passed
And my head ran so fast
But my feet stood so still

It wasn't hard to see how much you cared
We can blame the blind spots that left you unaware

What'd you think those boys were all about
Too naive to see that it wasn't just your charm that made them let you come around
The boys that you let choose the type of boys that would be good for you
They never loved you like I do

We let "Sorry About Tomorrow" play behind our best and worst times
I "made myself sick" while you talked to other guys
I almost left behind my clean spent time at carousel that summer night

You always say that were the same
Our difference is you never change

Fourth of July and I felt so alive and dead at the same time
With you yet so alone
The busses and I should have kept the focus on me
You're not the only one who's not so not naive
Track Name: Handful
I've met a handful of "I can save her's"
And perfect candidates on paper
But for now I know I'm better off alone
Untied from the sinking stones

Even coffee girls with eyes so blue
Anymore I'm just too critical
To not harm someone's youth

I won't put my life
Up on a shelf
And throw rings and kids with girls
At my lack of respect for myself

Compensating for my passion
With a simple paycheck life
I've wasted time on material shit
That could could all fit back
In the end my pipe

And I'll just watch you settle
I'll watch my friends lie in wait
For their bitter ends or empty lives
And mistake kids with worn out wives

And I'll just watch you settle
I'll stay safely self involved
And let you talk like your life's better
But I know better

And I’ll just watch you settle
I know what's best for me
So lay awake all night quietly and let
The unsettled some of us dream

I've been a victim to myself all along

And I'll just watch you settle
while you tell me comfort's better
But I know better

I don't even know
Why I'm still here
Track Name: Filler
Standing at the show
But you're not here
Thanks for the invite
Next time I'll find a better friend
To fill my year

Out of place and like the boys who took the stage
I'm only here to fill some space

You can't linger on too long anymore
You borrowed your mystique
From bands too broke to ever tour
You won't make a dime that filler can't hide out
We all got smart and all the fakes got found

If freedom's only how I spend my time
I'll just stay home and leave this corner of the world
Track Name: Dream Envy
It's five AM as I approach the bridge
In envy of old friends who still sleep in
They were jaded then and they're jaded now
Climbing social trees as i fell out
Rich kids in bad parts of town
A social scene in which they now have drown

It's no way to live
Sitting on the fence asking what if

I dwell on times we had before the 21
I grew up and you're all still always drunk
If I never got shot out I wonder where I'd be
Still cashing out to drink my self esteem
I get caught up but I know it's no way to live
Another sheltered Jersey kid moves across the bridge

I try to wake I try to wake
Obsession overtakes my state
I'm standing up but stuck in place
Standing still in dreams that I should chase

I'm sorry I Try to bring you down when i see myself as less
I know you're not so bad and I'm not quite the best
I realize now that we will never be the same
I was wired all wrong and just want someone to blame
It'll only be just one until I need one more
Back to habits I can't handle or afford
And honestly I just envy the freedoms that I lost
When I crossed the unseen lines I can't uncross
Track Name: Atone
I find comfort and begin to progress
Reverse when I forget

That I was a victim
Until I became aware
Self centered
I became a volunteer

I've spent much of my energy
Trying to people please
And save the weak
And what’s left of me
I tried for the ones
I truly need
But It was just
Preoccupied time on
The petty wants of my mind
And still stood I

Counting up my thoughts
As the floor falls from my feet
To be
By self
As weak
It all begins ends with me

I find fault and begin to regress
How could such a pretty image
Turn to one I resent
I've faught with every corner
Of my mind and realize
All the the pain I've felt
Is just result of my pride

Color saturates and the image is cleared
In my personal reflection and atonement of fears

Try to sustain as I collect myself
And I leave the way that I'm perceived to someone else
Track Name: Shared Name
Change or stay the same
I don't care anymore
I’ve seen you grow weak
And I know that you see now
That I've grown bored

Call me detached
I've built a case against
Every friend I've ever had
I always wanted to be just like you
Until I found myself miserable
At twenty two

I was always too small in my head
To be half as tough as you were
When you were a kid
And the first sixteen were the worst
I never found a bag big enough
To hold all my hurt
And I'm glad I finally bought your attention
Just sorry it took so long
Now I've done some things
In our shared name
And it was almost too late
Before I realized I was wrong

So change
Or stay the same
You're not superman anymore
It's warmer now
But the chills still linger
From when you weren't around

Ive pushed it down so long
That the words are falling off my tongue
I used to see it as you pick me up
But you just call me out when I fall down
Track Name: Cold Sweat
It's alright now
He's less love-blind
Not great but he's okay

She accepts no guilt
And feels no shame

He figured out
They're not the same
Or just not on the same page

He runs but she's always just a call away

Where did I go
And how did I get here so fast
I remember the height of my highs
Things that I left behind
With nothing to show now

Tall talks to calm me at night
And I forgot myself sometimes
Second class in my own home
Second place to the boy behind the phone

It was the best nights sleep he had in three months to the day
He lost his love and still felt like he gained
That day she met him and she told him
What she'd done and what she wanted
He forgot himself again out of pure infatuation
Her will was to keep his worth
Where he never came to thinking he comes first
He was the farthest thing from her mind
He said it's fine it's just these games we play with pride

He blames her lack of wisdom and overlooks his own
He's got something deep down that begs to be alone

She does and says these things
That just aren't right
Then I start fights
Instead of leaving her
Like I should
It did far more harm than good.

His heads not right but he's so sure
My heads not right I'm so unsure
But I know I can't love this anymore

I've gone numb
In my hands
I’m scared to death
This night will be my last
I don't want to cause
Anyone any harm,
But sometimes
These church basements
Are the only thing
Between a needle
And my arm.

I was once so strong
But now I'm just so scared.

What the fuck happened to me?
I used to be at peace
I used to be able to sleep.
I've played the victim long enough
And I've laid it on thick
My self-pity's peaked high this time
And I make myself sick.

What the fuck happened to us?
We were blind
And were lead
By a sense of touch.

Tight lipped
Hard heart

Tall pride
Falls far